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North Carolina and Mid Atlantic states

Southern Towers offers various custom marine fabrication services such as the following:

Bow Rails

A key safety feature with any boat or piece of marine equipment, you can never have too many grab railings. Use custom-designed bow rails from Southern Towers to make your boat as safe as possible!
Come in for a design session
Work with our dedicated team to find the perfect length and width of bow rail for your boat. Installation is fast and easy — before you know it, you'll have a series of well-placed bow rails to help keep your grip!
Custom fit to your needs
Whether you are looking for low profile rails or you'd feel more comfortable with raised bow rails, just let our knowledgeable help find the perfect style for you. We'll work hard to maintain the natural look and feel of your boat to find the perfect balance of style and safety! We're here to help.
Wakeboard arch - Marine Fabrication in Indian Trail, NC
Bow rail installation
  • More grab railings for your boat
  • Maintains style
  • Different styles of bow rails
  • Low profile rails — measure the same height from front to back
  • Raised rails — start low and rise towards the front
Give us a call today or stop by Southern Towers to go over your bow rail options.

Tow Bars

When you are tired of factory tow hooks and how low the ski rope sits, let Southern Towers help. You'll never have to worry about being pulled down prematurely while in the air again!

With custom-designed tow bars and leaning posts from our shop, you'll get as much air as possible while water skiing and wakeboarding. Our team finds the perfect height and position for every make and model!
Strength and appearance
In addition to keeping the ropes high, our tow bars and leaning posts are designed to fit in with the natural style and look of your boat. It's a great way to add functionality and invest in your marine equipment!

We only use the highest-grade aluminum available and protect it with an anodized finish. Every joint is fully welded for maximum strength!
Tow bars - Marine Fabrication in Indian Trail, NC
Tow bars and leaning posts
  • Custom aluminum leaning posts
  • Made with anodized aluminum for a protective shine
  • Designed to fit any center-console boat
  • Fully welded for maximum strength and appearance
  • Stainless steel screws for mounting

Call Southern Towers and set up your design session.

Fiber Glass Boxes

Add utility to your boat and marine equipment with custom designed and installed fiberglass boxes from Southern Towers! Whether you are looking for a built-in tackle box or you want a cooler on deck, we can help.
The perfect fit
When you want to add on to the center console or you'd like more storage options, our team will find ways of incorporating fiberglass boxes without cluttering up your deck or taking up room.
Tough and durable
Built from the highest-quality fiberglass, your new utility boxes will withstand the test of time, harsh elements, and all the use and abuse you can throw at them. To provide maximum strength without sacrificing appearance, your new boxes are custom designed. These fiberglass boxes are built to last year after year!
Fiberglass box - Marine Fabrication in Indian Trail, NC
Fiberglass box installation
  • Fiberglass boxes
  • Built tough
  • Endure ruthless weather conditions
  • Endure severe marine environments
  • Last year after year

Work with our dedicated team! Give us a call today and learn more about our fiberglass boxes!


Custom designed to fit any make and model of boat, your new T-top boat cover is guaranteed to provide a snug fit for your marine equipment. Give Southern Towers a call today!
Made from the best materials available
Using the highest-grade aluminum and fiberglass available, our dedicated team will fabricate a T-top cover for your boat. Just set up a design appointment, and we'll take over from there.
Get years of enjoyment
Once your new T-top is ready to be installed by our professional team, all you have to do is bring in your boat. From there, we'll be able to get it installed for use. After that, you'll be able to enjoy years of use without worry! When you need a T-top, you need to come to Southern Towers!
Two men on a speedboat - Marine Fabrication in Indian Trail, NC
T-top design and installation
  • Full enclosures
  • Life jacket storage
  • Deck lighting
  • Fiberglass electronics boxes
  • Grab handles
  • Curved leg design
  • Wakeboard tow option
  • Rod holder grommets
  • Observation stations
  • Dual driving stations
  • Fiberglass hard tops
  • Outriggers

Powder Coded Tops

It’s a coating that put on aluminum to avoided corrosion.